Hey there! 👋🏻

I'm “E”lise not “A”lice

UI/UX & Product Designer

Ever had your name messed up? It happens to me all the time. Just like how names matter, so do user experiences! In the world of UI/UX, I bring a similar precision. Just as my name deserves accuracy, so do user interfaces.

I love designing experiences that resonate, paying attention to every detail, just like making sure you say "E"lise right. Call me Elise, the designer with a name worth getting right :)

⭐️ “Looking into the small details is fine, but it's important to focus on what needs to be done first.”


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UI/UX Freelancer | DevVibe Solutions **February 2024 - Present

Project 1: Emotion Pod Website Redesign

UI/UX Designer Intern | CoinGecko **September 2023 - January 2024

As a UI/UX intern at CoinGecko, my role involved close collaboration with project managers and engineers to implement new features and enhance existing ones. Throughout this experience, I also gained valuable hands-on experience in developing web applications using Webflow.

Project 1: CoinGecko festive logo design

Project 2: Mobile learn page improvement

Project 3: CoinGecko career page redesign


$$ Best~Final~Year~Project~Award~(1st Place) : September 2023 $$

Awarded the Best Final Year Project (1st Place) for the Academic Session 2023/04 in Digital Media Technology with the project titled “Metaphor Design to Support Elderly in Malaysia: A Prototype of an Interactive User Interface for Smart Home Appliances”


$$ Chinese~Ambassador~Scholarship Award:2021 - 2022 $$


The Chinese Ambassador Scholarship Award was awarded upon me for my exceptional first-year performance from April 2021 until February 2022, achieving outstanding academic records, active participation in social activities that help to promote the friendship and goodwill between the peoples of the China and Malaysia, and successfully going through a competitive selection process.